I started my internet obsession about 22 years ago running after my traineeship webdevelopment.

When the Internet came around I did a search for available resources in the leisure industry, but that was not much at that time. Although during the years the amount of new resources are rap[idly growing, so i started my first project called 'Ridesworld' in 1999. It was a link indexing portal based on the then popular links SQL from Gossamer-Threads. I've used Links SQL that was written in Perl until PHP became more popular and any updates for this program where halted.

Building a new link indexing portal costs many free evenings, but it was worth to do, because you get lot's of inpiration and information from other portals and guide.

When the amount of resources reached became so big that, i've decided with my team to build a new portal again under a new name.  Now it's no longer called 'Ridesworld' but it's now called 'AmusementIndex'. So you can consider Amusementindex as successor of 'Ridesworld'. The fact that the portal contains resources about i.e. zoos, pyrotechnics, waterparks, playgrounds, etc. means that the old name does not cover the whole content.

The name Ridesworld was too close associated with rollercoasters and flat rides. Now with a team of volunteer staff members and editors, we have been working on the largest leisure industry portal worldwide.

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WOW Company s.a.
WOW was created in 1983, the first objective was the achievement of a low energy consumer wave generator working with the resonance principle. In 1991, the first Wave Ball was born after several years of research and development.
.Com Marketing
Interactive marketing and advertising agency specializing in internet marketing consulting, search engine marketing, SEO, PPC, email campaigns, corporate website design and Web 2.0 strategies.
1602 Group, LLC
We are a small team of multi-skilled engineers who have worked in the professional entertainment industry for many years. Together with a dedicated UL listed manufacturing facility we design and make real-time control systems.
2H Design Limited
2H Design Limited designs and manufactures a large range of juvenile amusement rides. We build rides for amusement parks both in the UK and around the world, and for showmen the world over. In addition to our rides, we offer a full spares and refurbishment service. We also manufacture food concessio.....
3-D Branded Attractions / 3DBA
3DBA is a design studio specialised in 3D effects for theatre films & related industry.
3eloooping is a personal homepage about German amusement parks visited by the webmaster (Berndt).
Official information guide about the Anheuser Busch Theme Parks
4Kids Entertainment
Our mission is to catch the wave of kids' tastes and shape them into top-selling products. We know what Kids Like.
5 Cent Ride
Painting watercolors for more than 30 years, Sue specializes in amusement parks, carnivals and fairs. Most of her work is done from her own photographs. The best locations are carnival grounds before the show opens, amusement parks at dusk and roadside attractions. Her paintings evoke tranquility, n.....
5D International Marketing and Sales GmbH
5D International provides the basic dramaturgy and storytelling as well as the production and implementation of of themeing attractions/parks called "5D-Dramaturgy of Experience" with a network of international partners, the 5D Network.
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Belgian site about rollercoasters in amusement parks.
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