It started in summer 1997 when internet usage increased among the public.
Our founder decided to build a link indexing website, so called linkdirectory with links to webpages about anything related to leisure / attractions.  
This fist directory was written in standard HTML without CSS. It's name was Leisurelinks.

The website Leisurelinks became very successful, what made our decision to build a larger and more comprehensive link directory.
The newer directory became a new layout (dark blue, light blue, black and white) logo and name. 
This directory was called Ridesworld, and was available til summer 2001.

To improve the linkdirectory, a decision was made to build it more flexible with usage of a database. This new link directory should allow new editors adding links without knowledge of HTML.
Thanks to a new very popular platform  developed by 
Gossamer-Threads from Vancouver called Links SQL (Now Gossamer Links)., It was possible to create such link directory within 2 months.

A decision was made to modernize the link directory with a more modern logo and new features.

In 2014 when the amount of resources became that size, We decided to build a complete new portal under a new name. 
The name has been changed to 'AmusementIndex'. 
The name Ridesworld was according to us too close associated with roller coasters and flat rides. 

Made some layout changes and added new navigation features.

With a dedicated team of (volunteer) staff members and editors, we have been working on the largest portal for the amusement, recreation and leisure business worldwide.

AmusementIndex is already the number one internet portal for the amusement, recreation and leisure business, and we wish to keep it.

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