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Manufacturing & supply of laser tag, laser games & themed laser equipment

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Lasersport International Ltd
Welcome to the website of Lasersport International Limited. We are the developers and sole manufacturers of the world famous LASERSPORT and PULSE RANGER products.
Zhongshan Golden Dragon Amusement
Golden Dragon Group is one of the largest amusement manufacturers in Asia, producing over 400 different kinds of amusement machines.
Laser Star Amusement, Inc.
Manufacture of coin operated shooting games and devices for the entertainment industryand game rooms.
Lagotronics Projects B.V.
Everything can be turned into a great experience. We offer customized solutions for any environment each capable of creating unforgettable memories.
Art Attack
Art Attack is widely recognized as an The Industry Leader in Attractions, Theming and Design in the amusement industry.
Laserlight Showdesign
Whether you want to rent a laser show for your event, or want to buy an RGB laser projector, we are your competent partner for impressive laser shows.
Funovation, Inc.
Funovation is a technology powerhouse and developer of the small-footprint attractions among them the Laser Maze Challenge and RAID
Funtrak Ltd
Funtrak Ltd is an unique manufacturer & supplier of mini tanks equipped with a paintball gun or a laser tag.
Gilderfluke & Co.
Gilderfluke & Co. designs and manufactures Animation Control Systems, CD- Quality Digital Audio Repeaters, and Intelligent Public Address Systems which are used by theme parks, museums, waterparks, miniature golf courses and other attractions.
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CPI Marine
CPI Marine manufactures the finest American-made sponsors for Rigid Hull Inflatable Boats (RIB)'s. These sponsors, crafted to exacting standars, are also supplied to the federal government through our GSA contract.
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