People Moving Rides

Manufacturing & supply of trains sky lifts, chair lifts, boats & related
Boats & Pontoons
Manufacturing & supply of (bumper)boats, pontoons & related equipment
Trains, Trams, Trolleys & Monorails
Manufacturing & supply of trains trams, trolleys, monorails & related equipment
Scrollers & Wheelchairs
Manufacturing & supply of scrollers, wheelchairs & related equipment
Carts & Cycles
Manufacturing & supply of carts, cycles, quads, (golf) cars, ATV's & related equipment
Ski Lifts & Chair Lifts
Manufacturing & supply of ski lifts, chair lifts & related equipment
Air Balloons
Manufacturing & supply of (hot) air balloons, zeppelin's & related equipment

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Starneth BV
Starneth is an engineering company specialized in the design and construction of giant observation wheels and structures.
Funtrak Ltd
Funtrak Ltd is an unique manufacturer & supplier of mini tanks equipped with a paintball gun or a laser tag.
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Ride, Park & Facility Equipment / Devices / Transportation Systems
Manufacturing & supply of trequipment for transportation passagers/goods
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Icon Poly
Icon Poly is a custom 3-D fabricator specializing in the use of high quality resins and rubbers to bring ideas to reality.
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