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Amusement Supply Company, LLC
Amusement Supply Company was developed to provide a break through service to the amusement industry by dealing with new and used equipment via the internet. As an equipment broker, we have become a liason for our clients and manfacturers by offering and finding the best equipment, new and used, to s.....
Magic Fair Attractions
Dutch company that travels with various rides on fairgrounds in the Netherlands & Germany. this company also specialise in restoration of (old) rides, manufacturing of new rides & supply of polyurethane parts.
G. Martin & A. Vleminckx Amusement Ltd.
G. Martin & A. Vleminckx Amusement Ltd's primary business is the construction and erection of major amusement rides for the International Amusement Industry.
Sonacase LTD
Sonacase is famous manufacturer of the 'Twist' ride, and has currently delivered more than 50 of this rides in the UK.
Levent A.S.
We have been manufacturing amusement vehicles and equipment since 1975. With our meticulous and perfect workmanship as well as with our qualified production and "most economic prices" in reference to their equivalents we have been serving successfully to our customers.
Dal Lunapark AS
Leading Turkish company manufacturing several kiddie & family rides which the family/dragon coaster as the most popular ride.
Turkish manufacturer of several classic kiddie & family rides.
Interpark Amusements s.r.l.
Interpark directs its activity to the production of Roller Coasters of which it produces 15 different models, from very steel structures, Interpark gets a high standard quality at a very competitive price. For 1996, the year dedicated to the Roller Coaster, Interpark proposes the new models ultra-co.....
Larson International, Inc.
Larson International, Inc. is an amusement ride manufacturer for carnivals, theme parks, and festival rides. We take great pride in the Fire Ball, Star Dancer, Crazy Train, Giant Loop, and Flying Scooters. These rides are fun for all ages.
Top Fun Group S.r.l.
We are a company in the amusement ride field that combines the expertise of several companies that have been in business many years and can supply the needs of the market. We are a young dynamic company ready to propose new, innovative ideas.
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