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Manufacturing & supply of climbing walls, climbing constructions & related equipment

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Magnetic Climbing Wall Systems
The Spider Climbing System is new, innovative, and guaranteed to add excitement to your day. Using the super strength of rare earth metals and modern engineering, the Spider Climbing suit clings securely to special wall panels. Yet with a simple-to-master rolling motion, climbers can move up or down.....
Cheer Amusement Europe
Cheer Amusement Equipment Corp. was established in 1993, and has grown to be a leading designer and manufacturer of indoor and outdoor modular play systems. We deliver a complete selection of products for children. We care about the safety of children and are dedicated to bringing you unique and qua.....
PlayCompany Attractions & Leisure Management
PlayCompany Attractions & Leisure Management operates in Denmark, Scandinavia and Northern Europe. Management, design, installation and services to attractions, amusement parks, fairgrounds, play centers etc. Sales and marketing activities, campaigns and promotions.
Active Constructions
Active Constructions has been a designer and builder of Creative Adventure Concepts since 2010. We build Net Adventures, which are products we have developed and focus on the ultimate experience, high capacity, and low staff costs.
ABEO is a French group and one of the global leaders in the sports and leisure equipment sector.
ERHARD Sport GmbH is one of the largest German manufacturer & supplier of gymnastics equipment, safety/landing mats, ball sport and climbing walls.
KristallTurm has developed a patented concept for freestanding aerial adventure parks with a multitude of advantages for visitors, operators and investors.
Sportsafe UK
Sportsafe UK is active in service, supply and installation of sports and fitness equipment.
Evolve Manufacturing
The premier producer of the most realistic and attractive composite productions and reproductions of natural and synthetic items.
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Ropers United
Ropers United is a company owned by the Dutch showman Michel Ropers and his wife. This company is specialised in travelling with very beautiful designed gastronomy units. Visit their website to see what they have.
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