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All kind of sites related to amusement facilities, like theme parks, FEC & related
Defunct Parks
Sites about amusement park history & defunct parks
Guides & Directories
Sites with listings of amusement & theme parks in specific countries/regions or worldwide
Personal Sites
Personal sites about amusement/theme parks & related
Publications & Magazines
Sites about/with publications & magazines about amusement/theme parks
Theme Park Clubs
Sites about clubs containing amusement/theme park enthousiastics
Theme Park Newsgroups
Newsgroups for everyone that interest in amusement/theme parks
Trade Organizations
Sites about/from organizations special for amusement/theme park owners
Travel Tips
Advice about how to travel to which park/facility & related resources
Unofficial Sites
Informative but not official sites about theme parks
Official sites about companies/organizations that owns one or more parks & facilities
Sites about the famous Hershey company & it's amusement facilities
Visitor Bureaus
This (American) bureaus gives visitors information about all (related) entertainment facilities in a.....
Chambers of Commerce
Listings of chambers of commerce & related voluntary organizations of business dedicated to prom.....
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Amusement Parks
Listings of individual amusement parks selected on countries
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Rademaker & Vermeulen
official website about a Dutch showman who start travelling in 2006 with a kiddie ride and a spectacular ride called 'Hyper'.
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