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We are custom builders specializing in the use of post frame construction. We build structures for the residential, agricultural, and commercial industries. We take great pride in the quality of our work, and are proud when we can hang our sign on the end of your building when the job is done.

From basic storage buildings, to insulated work shops, and even residential homes. There is very little a post frame structure is not a great fit for. We take extra care to make sure every building will stand the test of time, is extremely energy efficient, and more importantly, is more than just a barn. Its a big investment for you, and for us, its a passion brought to life through the use of wood and steel.

“If you love what you do, you never work a day in your life!” -Kyle Stumpenhorst, Founder

What all do we do?

Custom Post Frame Buildings

We specialize in building custom post frame buildings for the residential, agricultural, and commercial sectors. Very few of our projects are alike. We love to create new and innovative designs with the simplicity of the post frame structure.

Residential Post Frame Houses

It is a very common misconception that post frame buildings are all barns. This couldn’t be further from the truth. One of the largest growing construction sectors is actually residential post frame construction. People are building custom homes with post frame and they are saving money at the same time. Post frame homes can look like any other home built with traditional stick frame construction practice, but when it comes to time of construction, getting the house under roof, or the ability to have large living spaces with little to no bearing walls, post frame is the clear winner.

Commercial Post Frame

The other growing trend is post frame use in the commercial sector. More and more churches, strip malls, storage units, fire departments, and general commercial storage warehouses are being built as post frame buildings in lieu of the more traditional steel frame. Post frame allows a much more customizable, aesthetically pleasing, and cost effective approach compared to steel frame.

It’s Our Passion

This type of construction is what Rural Renovators specializes in. We build more than just barns. Its a part of who we are, and every building for our customers is built as if it were in our own backyards. We feel like we are living the dream everyday, because we get to do what we love and are passionate about.

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Monday 7 October 2019
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Manufacturing & supply of park shelters, gazebos & storage barns for playgrounds & related amusement facilities
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Kyle Stumpenhorst
Rural Renovators are custom Post Frame Builders in Northern Illinois. Specializing in much more than just a barn.
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