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A new generation of swimming pools

Quality at its best

“Made in Germany” – three words that always indicate innovative products and exceptional quality and reliability. Continuing this great tradition, we have developed a product that is characterised by highly innovative technology and a level of quality that surpasses even the highest expectations of our customers.

While seeking out suitable material for our prod- ucts, we discovered rigid PVC: a long-lasting materi- al that is ideal for swimming pools. The full benefits of rigid PVC only really come to the fore when used in our sandwich construction. Through many years of experience in swimming pool construction and researching new types of technology (e.g. in the fields of shipbuilding, aircraft construction, wind power technology and automotive engineering), we recognised the technical and economic benefits of sandwich construction and have incorporated these in our own development activities. After years of research and development, we are proud to present our „unique composite honeycomb system“. After all, this inspired innovation is the work of our highly motivated development team, together with renowned manufacturers – and is our company’s calling card.

The name Blue Diamond stands for a brilliant product development, coupled with the multi-faceted profile of a true innovation.
This has been confirmed by extensive feedback from our customers. Why not contact your local dealer to find out more?

Outstanding workmanship and design

If you are looking for something more individual and exclusive than an off-the-peg product,
then you have come to the right place.
As every pool is different, we involve our customers in the process right from the start.

We build swimming pools on location according
to your exact wishes and specifications.
An individual solution in the true sense of the word!

Creativity in form and design. No two pools are the same, and we build them in virtually all shapes and sizes. Each one is tailored to the individual needs of the customer, frequently involving demanding yet realistic technical challenges.

The design of a swimming pool must be more than just functional – it must also please the eye.
This calls for an innovative product that can be adapted to accommodate all shapes and forms.

Our expertise is as multi-faceted as a diamond: Blue Diamond.

Rigid PVC – uses and advantages

Our swimming pools are built using high-impact, rigid PVC (type DS-TW), which is non-porous, corrosion-proof, rot-proof and UV-stable.
Pool walls and floors – either 30 mm (Karat) or

50 mm (Blue Diamond) thick – are built using a double honeycomb composite (rigid PVC+GRP+PP), which in some cases is laminated by hand.
Our rigid PVC is extremely resistant to concentrated acids, alkali, salts, alcohols and oils.
With a thickness of 4 mm and an integrally coloured rigid PVC surface (unplasticised), our material is temperature-resistant and diffusion- tight up to 60°C. This eliminates the risk of damage through osmosis (formation of bubbles) resulting, for instance, from high water temperatures.
In addition, our rigid PVC engineering leaves an extremely smooth and visually flawless surface.

Owing to its versatility and to its highly resistant and easy-care surface, our swimming pools
can be used indoors and outdoors for all purposes. This means that our Blue Diamond swimming pools are particularly suitable for medical and therapeutic purposes, such as swimming pools, brine baths, exercise pools or therapy pools. Our rigid PVC even meets the high requirements for constructions containing drinking water. Needless to say, our swimming pools are completely resistant against all types of bathing water and modern disinfectants.

Our unique composite honeycomb system

As its name suggests, our “special composite honeycomb system” is modelled on the natural honeycomb structure. This type of construction ensures very high stability at a relatively low weight. As the polypropylene honeycomb cells are airtight and water-tight, they also provide an ideal insulating layer.

Owing to the laminatable surface, the honeycomb panels can be pressed together with the rigid PVC layer over a large area. In this way, the forming of thermal bridges between the body of the swimming pool and the welded steel construction (which is contained in GRP) is avoided. The GRP layer seals and protects the entire construction and lends the steel construction high durability and dimensional stability.

A closer look at the details

Pool steps can be designed in a variety of ways to suit individual tastes. Integrated corner seats, massage nozzles, air jet facilities and many other attractive features round off our extensive range. As required by law, pool steps are clearly marked to prevent slipping (German standard DIN 19643).

Built-in parts, control units for massage and countercurrent systems, air jet facilities, suction elements, etc., are prepared in the factory and can be fitted easily and securely on location.

Hair-safe suction recesses are manufactured for public and private use in accordance with the latest technology and guidelines (German standard DIN EN 13451).

This means that two to three water features can be served with just one suction port. (Legal specifications regarding suction speed are adhered to.)

Stylish built-in recesses are also manufactured according to size and other requirements and are welded together with the body of the pool.
This means that the built-in recesses, which are reinforced with a layer of GRP, form a seamless whole with the body of the swimming pool. Similarly, with skimmers – devices for skimming off floating debris from the pool water surface – there is no need for drill holes or flange connections. Accordingly, the skimmer housing is at one with the body of the swimming pool. A V4A stainless steel catch tray with a weir flap can be pulled out like a drawer and removed easily for cleaning.

This eliminates the unpleasant chore of opening the skimmer to inspect it.

A swimming pool cover can be kept as an under- ground roller shutter in an underwater recess, which is secure and saves space. Slide roller bearings ensure that this works smoothly at all times. This is just a sample of our wide range of detailed solutions.

Advantages at a glance:

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Anja Heemsoth
KWS Schwimmbadanlagen is a leading manufacturer of swimming pools and well known with their Blue Diamond PVC pool systems.
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Dominik Stracke
KWS Schwimmbadanlagen is a leading manufacturer of swimming pools and well known with their Blue Diamond PVC pool systems.
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KWS Schwimmbadanlagen is a leading manufacturer of swimming pools and well known with their Blue Diamond PVC pool systems.
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KWS Schwimmbadanlagen is a leading manufacturer of swimming pools and well known with their Blue Diamond PVC pool systems.
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KWS Schwimmbadanlagen is a leading manufacturer of swimming pools and well known with their Blue Diamond PVC pool systems.
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KWS Schwimmbadanlagen is a leading manufacturer of swimming pools and well known with their Blue Diamond PVC pool systems.
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