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John Cox’s Creature Workshop is internationally acclaimed as a leader in the design and manufacture of animatronic fantasy creatures, monsters and realistic animals.

Based in Australia, John Cox’s Creature Workshop has worked world wide including: UK, Europe, South Africa, Asia and New Zealand, as well as Australia. Our client list includes a long list of USA production companies.

Our state of the art studio includes a purpose built 900 sq meter studio, laser scanner, 3D computer modelling, 5 axis router, 4 axis hot wire and internet facilities that allow clients to view work in progress.

John Cox is the recipient of a 1995 Academy Award for Visual Effects for the movie ‘Babe’, and has more than 38 years in the visual effects industry. He and his team bring a wealth of talent and experience to each project.

Film, TV, Theme Park or Public Art, John Cox’s Creature Workshop provides a straightforward and practical approach to solving your unique visual effects requirements.

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Thursday 26 December 2019
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Thursday 26 December 2019
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John Cox
Leading animatronic creature creator for the Film, TV, theatre and theme park industries. 1995 Visual Effect Academy Award winner for 'Babe' Large scale Sculpture and Public Art.
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