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Jafri Toys is a family company with many years of experience in import and export of products. We have stable, enduring relationships with our suppliers in the Far East. Thanks to our committed employees and the possibility to purchase large parties, we can offer high quality products for low prices.

In february 2006 we officially opened our new store in Almelo, which has a huge showroom in it. In this showroom we display all of our products.

We want to serve our customers and satisfy them in all respects with reliable products and performances. You are always most welcome to contact us or visit us in Almelo (the Netherlands).

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Friday 16 September 2005
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Tuesday 6 March 2018
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Tuesday 16 September 2025
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Concessions & Merchandise / Toys & Gifts
Manufacturing & supply of toys, plush, gifts & souvenirs for amusement /theme parks
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Fred Heinhuis
JafriToys is a family company, specialized in wholesale trade for all kind of toys. As an import and export company we offer a very large range of toys, directly imported from the Far East.
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