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We’ve got you covered
Do you need space for a workplace, storage, accommodation or a hangar, or do you have other great ideas? Together with our dealers, we’d like to help you out. Whatever your wishes may be, we’ll give you the space you need.

Our buildings
All our buildings are produced based on one reliable system in our own factory. That way we can guarantee the quality of the end-product. In addition, the buildings are easy to transport, because they are delivered as building kits. Thanks to their light structure no heavy foundations are required and the buildings can easily be put up on site. Whatever your needs or those of your customer may be, we’ll provide you with the right solution.

Made in Holland and proven since 1935
We produce all our buildings based on one reliable system, so we can maintain low costs and high quality. Thanks to the wide range of options the buildings are adjustable to the wishes of the end-user. You can, for example, opt for light-permeable corrugated sheets, anti-condensation felt coating in the roof, isolation, tilt-and-turn windows, various colours, ventilation, projecting roofs, etc. We’ll always find a solution in our standard system to fit your need.

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Tuesday 1 October 2019
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Tuesday 1 October 2019
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Playground Industry / Park Shelters
Manufacturing & supply of park shelters, gazebos & storage barns for playgrounds & related amusement facilities
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Hans Boer
J. Snoei BV is ready to offer you the space you need. Large or small we offer company sheds, gable roof sheds, variant sheds, romney sheds and corrugated sheets.
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