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With more than 100 parks, Hogenboom Vakantieparken is the intermediary for holiday parks in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. This gives you a wide choice of destinations in the forest or on the coast. We offer small-scale and intimate parks in which nature and tranquility play a major role. On the other hand, there is also a choice of holiday parks with many facilities, so that the children can have fun at the playground, in the swimming pool or at the kids' club.

The holiday parks offer an enormous diversity of accommodations, suitable for 2 to 40 people. The parks have a wide choice of accommodation including comfortable bungalows, chalets, apartments, luxury villas with sauna, authentic holiday farms or camping pitches.

Summer holidays with the whole family, a pleasant weekend away with friends or a romantic midweek with your partner. Be surprised by the versatile offer and experience the ultimate holiday feeling.

Company history

In the early 90s
For the principles of Hogenboom Vakantieparken we have to go back to the 90s. A fantastic time for the recreation industry. Especially for mr. Hogenboom, founder of what was then called "Hogenboom Recreatie". That the recreational business was lucrative soon became clear. It all started with the purchase of a first private holiday home, which was used for private purposes as well as for rental. Soon, several recreational homes were bought from an investment point of view, and not much later, mr. Hogenboom also the rental mediation for other holiday home owners of that park. Hogenboom Recreation became a fact.

Mid and late 90s
Time flew by and growth was the order of the day. That is how mr. Hogenboom at the end of the nineties the possibility to take care of the management, or the exploitation, on a holiday park. Center facilities were subsequently purchased and this educational period led in 1998 to the establishment of the current Hogenboom Holiday Parks.

Things went smoothly and in order to actually achieve the growth that Hogenboom Holiday Parks could experience in 2001, choices had to be made. Together with three investors, "Nederland Vakantie Groep" was founded. This company would coordinate the management of various subsidiaries such as sales, management and rental.

At the beginning of 2007, the "rental" section, or Hogenboom Vakantieparken, was sold to the Interparcs investor group. With the aim to grow to the top 3 rental organizations in the Netherlands, Hogenboom Vakantieparken with 50 employees was established in Uithoorn.

Between 2007 and 2009, quite little changed within the organization. At the end of 2009, the press release "Roompot Vakanties acquires Hogenboom Vakantieparken". Roompot Vakanties takes over Hogenboom Holiday Parks from Interparcs. Because a strong brand name has been acquired over the years, Hogenboom Vakantieparken continues to trade under the same name.

Almost 20 years passed
Hogenboom Vakantieparken is still busy expanding, new holiday / bungalow parks are regularly added to the offer. Quality and customer service are of paramount importance and we work hard to ensure that guests enjoy the ultimate holiday feeling carefree.

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Karin Hogenboom
Dutch organization with a high amount of bungalow resorts for family with children in the Netherlands & Germany
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