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Soon after we developed 'Pseudo Sumo'. Its popularity was instant, both here in New Zealand and subsequently overseas. With some big names in the entertainment industry, like 'Bill Cosby' and 'Jay Leno' performing on US National Television, we had launched another entertainment craze...

Two days later the GO-Racer was aboard a flight to Atlanta, Georgia for the IAAPA show - the world’s biggest entertainment exhibition. We were there to launch the new ‘Go-Racer’. The ‘Go-Racer’ is a unique chassis designed to support a variety of different moulds. One of the moulds launched at the show was the ‘Loo-Racer’. Other moulds include golf balls, soccer balls and soda cans. The different types of mould are only limited by the imagination. Each mould is designed to give a customer a unique identity where ever the ‘Go-Racer’ may appear.

The launch of the ‘Loo Racer’ mould in Atlanta caused a small riot. People could not stop laughing and taking photographs as Rick cruised around the huge auditorium. A celebrity ride by B1 from Bananas in Pajamas was a hit, in fact we couldn’t get him... her?... off it. Very quickly the news had spread around the show and before long we were inundated by television media.

Loo-Racing mania has swept the world from Hawke’s Bay to Atlanta and around the globe. Who would have thought that a toilet, when engineered to create a spectacle, could create such a cavalcade of international media attention, which is still running hot like the product today!

The Buzzball is our latest and most ambitious creation yet and is sure to follow in the foot steps of the other successful products. As they say... watch this space...

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Thursday 7 January 2010
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Saturday 22 May 2010
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Rick Kirkland
Evento was established to provide innovative and unique promotional products. We achieved international success with our first product, the Bar-Fly. As world wide publicity and sales of the Bar-Fly gathered momentum, so too did the demand for the rental and hotel industry to provide new and exciting forms of entertainment for their customers.
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