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Carousel Carousel horse; or carousel menagerie figure, or full vintage carousels for sale. Historic antique carousels, and a fine selection of carousel figures, also, answers to any historic carousel question you might have. We also have mechanical music machines, band organs, and other amusement collectibles.

Looking to sell? Contact us for consignment and let us help you find a new home for your antique carousel, figure, or other fine carousel antiques.
If you see a carousel or carousel horse, or other carousel antique you like, don't be shy to make an offer or inquire about payment options available on select carousel, carnival and amusement park collectibles.

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Monday 13 November 2017
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Monday 13 November 2017
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Saturday 13 November 2027
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Rides Manufacturing & Supply / Carousels
Manufacturing & supply of merry go rounds & related
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Ride, Park & Facility Equipment / Mechanical Music Instruments
Manufacturing & supply of mechanical music instruments, such as organs & jukeboxes
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Carousel & Automatic Music News
Carousel & Automatic Music News (Formerly Carousel News & Trader) has a a wealth of information about carousels, band organs, mechanical music & more.
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Roland Hopkins
Operator of Historic Antique Carousels, site about consignment and sales of fine antique carousel horses and menagerie figures and other carousel and amusement related collectibles.
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