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Dutch showman travelling with some game units & active as organizator for small funfairs.
V.O.F. Elsinga & Zn.
This Dutch showmen family travels with 2 well decorated dodgem tracks in the Netherlands.
V.O.F. G.J Bottenberg paling & vishandel
Website about a Dutch company that travels with a fish kiosk on nearly all major funfairs in the Netherlands 1890.
V.O.F. gebr Regter
Showman company travelling with an Auto-Scooter, Polyp & other equipment
V.O.F. Geelen Kinderattracties
Dutch showman who travels with kiddie rides on small funfairs & local events throughout the Netherlands.
V.O.F. H. Schipper - Blomjous
Showman company travelling with 2 shooting saloons
V.O.F. Vale-Verwijk
V.O.F. Vale-Verwijk is a Dutch company that travels with a well decorated ride called 'Deca Dance' on major funfairs in the Netherlands.
Vacansoleil is a Dutch tour operator with 32 years of experience in the luxury camping holiday market, working with over 300 top campsites in 15 European countries. Vacansoleil offers self-drive holidays staying in luxury mobile homes, bungalow tents and caravans. We can also offer a pitch reservati.....
Vadesto Buitensport Aktiviteiten
We're a Dutch organization specialised in arranging outdoor activities for companies, schools, groups etc.
Vahle Inc.
VAHLE provides electrification products for moving equipment and vehicles such as cable management, conductor bar systems and inductive power for assembly line, transfer car, overhead crane and other moving vehicles requiring land based power.
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Berliner-B├Ąckerei Prey
Showman company travelling with a bakery unit specialised in Berliner Cakes.
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