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T.C. Van der Weerdt
T.C. Van der Weerdt is a dutch showman who travels with a sling shot ride called 'Cannonball' & a 'Hawaii Trip' ride.
T.Giesse & Ch.Rose
Showman family travelling with a kiddie carousel
T@B is a brand of Knaus Tabbert GmbH. The little caravan is available in four different versions, T@B, T@B White, T@B OffRoad and T@BL delight.
TABBERT is a company founded by Alfred Tabbert in 1953 and is currently a leading manufacturer of caravans & living trailers.
TAGADA (Austria)
Austrian info & fan site about the TAGADA ride. This site has alo a list of showmen who owns a Tagada ride
Talens Light
For some years design, make and deliver illumination for the entertainment industry.\r\nThis lighting has energy costs, but by use of LED products energy consumption is reduced up to 80%.\r\n
Talon Simulations
Located in Orlando, FL, Talon Simulations, LLC is a small business specializing in hardware/software integration of low cost vehicle simulations.
Amusement park with a museum about dinosaurs
Taste of Cincinnati
A three-day food and entertainment extravaganza, annually timed with Memorial Day weekend, featuring approximately 40 Greater Cincinnati restaurants and four major stages (country, rock, folk, religious pop). Named Food Event of the Year 1997 by Events Business News. Long regarded as the Tristate's .....
Tate Decor
Tate had always had an interest in Fairs and Fairground equipment and spent some time working as a "gaff lad" - working on the rides themselves - until, in 1977, he set up his own business decorating fairground equipment. Inspired by the work of Fred Fowle, who was his mentor for many years, he deve.....
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Van Daele & Friends b.v.
Van Daele & Friends is an internationally operating team that consists of experienced, independent specialists from a variety of fields within the leisure industry. It concentrates its activities on concept development, design, finance, execution, operation and management.
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