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Launch Logic
Launch Logic provides the world's best water slide dispatch control and mat racer timing systems for the waterpark industry!
Laurie's Steam Merry-Go-Round
Australia's only Mobile Steam Driven Merry-Go-Round
Homepage about the funfairs which will be held in may & october in Kaiserslauterer Kerwe.
Information about the showman family Löwenthal. The site is currently under construction
Le Circuit de la Vilaine
Large indoor & outdoor karting track with karts, motors, jeeps & more to ride on. very spectacular for the racing enthousiast
Le Grand Carrousel
Raymond Saedt travels with a real nostalgic carousel build in 1890 through the Netherlands. This site gives you a lot of information about this nostalgic ride.
Le Jardin d'Acclimatation
Le Jardin d'Acclimatation is an educational related kiddie park with spome small rides & animals located at Bois de Boulogne in downtown Paris
Le Nautilus
le Nautilus is a well designed family ride travelling on major funfairs in the Netherlands. This site has many pictures & a movie to give you an impression.
Le Pal
Nice French amusement park with family friendly rides, and there is a zoo included with a wide variety of animals from different habitats.
Le Parc des Félins
The park of Cat-like is a center d' breeding and of zoological reproduction exclusively devoted to the family of Cat-like, the smallest species (Cats of sands and rubiginous cats) to largest (Tigers and Lions).
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KGW Schweriner Maschinenbau GmbH
Manufacturer of power equipment, cranes & energy systems with featured clients in the ride manufacturing business.
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