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5 Cent Ride
Painting watercolors for more than 30 years, Sue specializes in amusement parks, carnivals and fairs. Most of her work is done from her own photographs. The best locations are carnival grounds before the show opens, amusement parks at dusk and roadside attractions. Her paintings evoke tranquility, n.....
The Tiger Information Center web site provides information about tiger ecology and conservation to the public, scientific, and conservation communities in an effort to help preserve the remaining five subspecies of tigers through the sharing of knowledge and information.
5D International Marketing and Sales GmbH
5D International provides the basic dramaturgy and storytelling as well as the production and implementation of of themeing attractions/parks called "5D-Dramaturgy of Experience" with a network of international partners, the 5D Network.
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PAPA - Professional & Amateur Pinball Association
PAPA is a brand name of the non-profit Replay Foundation, devoted to promoting pinball as a form of recreation and competitive sport.
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