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We develop and sell high quality products which are recognised by international experts to stimulate the development of children’s motor, cognitive and social skills through play and movement

We believe in ‘Learning by moving®’. Active children enhance their motor development, strengthen cognitive and social skills, and build confidence in themselves through play and movement. This combination of play and movement motivates children to learn.

Family and tradition Over 85 years of experience Our family-owned businesses have been producing the highest quality cycles and play equipment for children since 1932. Guided by the motto ‘Learning by moving’, we continue to develop and learn by keeping our approach dynamic, ensuring customers have the best selection of quality products.

Winther and Gonge offer a range of products that complement each other perfectly, providing a wide variety of ways to encourage children to play and to move. The philosophies of Winther and Gonge matched so well that merging the two Companies was a natural development; the merger was completed on the 1st of July 2010.

Quality comes from knowledge Quality is about more than just using the best materials. That’s why we work with teachers, physical therapists, industrial designers and engineers to ensure that design, functionality and a concept we call ‘play value’ are built into everything we produce. Our products are timeless, sustainable and durable.

We make big promises – and we keep them too Our attention to detail and relentless focus result in high quality products and services. That’s why we have so many loyal customers all over the world.

Learning new things is fun Our products stimulate children’s imagination through physical activity. We believe that a healthy balance of cognitive, social and motor skills creates harmonious, happy children.

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Playground Industry / Ride on Equipment
Manufacturing & supply of cars, trikes, skelters, bikes & related equipment used in playgrounds, FEC & other areas
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Manufacturing & supply of accesoires & amenities for creating and arranging a residential playground
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Playground Industry / Accesible Products
Manufacturing & supply of accessible products & bleachers
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Kristian Winther
We develop and sell high quality products which are recognised by international experts to stimulate the development of childrens motor, cognitive and social skills through play and movement.
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